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Derwin began his musical career at age 9, singing and playing in his father's Gospel Band, The Conrad Hinson Family, in Fayetteville, NC.  A musical group comprised of father, mother, brother, sister and Derwin, the band taped a weekly syndicated TV program and toured regionally on the weekends.  Eventually, traveling and the commitments associated with the TV program became too much for Mom and Dad Hinson and they retired the band.

Derwin, who by now was on his way to becoming a seasoned professional, had learned everything he could along the way from his father and all the top entertainers he had encountered while on the road and was quickly picked up by a local band. Within months, while still in his late teens, he was auditioned by Country music legend Charlie Louvin.

The very next week Derwin was in Nashville, standing and playing beside Charlie on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

 From Charlie Louvin's band Derwin joined another legend, Vern Gosdin, and toured extensively with him, appearing on Crook and Chase, Nashville Now, Austin City Limits, and on Willie Nelson's first Farm Aid.

During his years in Nashville, while not on the road, Derwin worked as a studio musician, did some demo work for several major country artists and even had the opportunity to play with the great Bill Monroe on several occasions.

 In the early 8o's, Derwin's father became ill, and Derwin moved back to Wilmington, NC, to be with his parents. His intention was to teach while forming a band of his own.  This was not to be an easy task, as the wages of a band are often less than the expenses of its members, and over the months, members came and left for jobs outside of the music arena.

Then, one day a friend of Derwin's approached him with a unique idea.  He told Derwin that since he could play all of the stringed instruments found in an acoustic group, and since he learned to sing and arrange lead and vocal harmony parts while growing up, he should find a way to be a one-man band.
After giving it some thought, Derwin began to see this as a way to ensure the quality of the performance and resolve the problem of musicians leaving for other work.  He envisioned an upbeat program that combined Gospel music and message focused on joyfully praising our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"How do you become a one man band?" was the question, and after a little more thought, he came up with an answer which then took over a year to perfect.  But he's got it now! By recording all of the backup tracks on CD and performing the lead vocals and instrumental solos live, a musical blend comes from the stage that you would think was a full band.
It is impossible to convey in print how interesting, amazing and even exciting this performance is, as Derwin moves from one instrument (on playing stands) to another, often playing fast paced intricate instrumental solos while singing the vocal lead.

The blend is seamless, as the live performance merges with the tracks Derwin records in the studio, to convince the senses that the source of the music is a live band. Mix this with a variety of song styles from Country and Bluegrass Gospel to Southern Gospel plus some traditional favorites, add Christian humor and message and what emerges is something for everyone to enjoy.

 In 2007, Derwin was invited to perform at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, where he had the privilege of playing on stage with Tim Lovelace and legendary artist, Earl Scruggs.  Derwin was the featured guest artist for the Virginia Baptist Men’s Conference in Richmond with Dr. Henry Blackaby and Dr. Tom Blackaby, and had the privilege of performing for the “Wounded Warriors” at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.  In January, 2013, Derwin's "Boot Daddy" jingle was featured on the RFD TV program, "Larry's Country Diner". 

Recently, at a Bailey Smith Real Evangelism Conference, Derwin performed for Governor Mike Huckabee.

 Derwin and his wife, Alene, live near Wilmington, North Carolina.  Alene runs the sound for Derwin and occasionally joins him for a song. 

 Derwin has opened for the following Gospel Music artists:   

The Dove Brothers
The Dixie Melody Boys

The Marksmen
Tim Lovelace
The Pfeifers
The Nelons
The Lesters
The New Hinson's
The Anchormen
Won by One
Jesse Dixson
The Easter Brothers
The Lewis Family
The Crabb Family
The Perry's
Lulu Roman

For Program Schedule and for Booking Information contact Alene Hinson at
(910) 470-1291

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